What’s So Crooked About The $100 Billion Knee Pain Industry?

(The Ugly Truth Big Companies Don’t Want You To Know)…

Brave Doctor Breaks Silence: Dr. Oliver Baker Reveals Breakthrough Natural Pain Relief Remedy That May Relieve Decades of Knee Pain Relief Without Dangerous Drugs, Expensive Treatments or Risky Surgeries

Monday, March 27th, 2022: Special Editorial by Jennifer Jones, Senior Editor

“The big guys who make ridiculously large amounts of money selling risky surgeries, dangerous drugs, expensive treatments and risky surgeries are not happy that we’ve developed such an affordable alternative. They told me not to share this but it’s my life mission to help as many people as possible.” - Dr. Oliver Baker

Dr. Oliver Baker is a renowned orthopedic surgeon. A U.S. Military veteran. And also an industry disruptor who made the list of “America’s Top Knee Pain Relief Experts for 2022”.

In his recent interview he comments that a new breakthrough formula has been developed to effectively help relieve knee pain.

Dr. Baker says that up until 2022, Big Pharma was paying massive lobbyist fees to make sure that the general public could NOT access this new natural treatment… 

The reason why:

So people can remain hooked on their medications as the only hope to alleviate their life-limiting knee pain.”

However, all that changes in 2022…

With the government ruling that “No alternative healthcare methods can be concealed from the general public - they belong to the people”.

What Does This Mean For You?

Dr. Baker explains it well:


“Ever since this law went into effect, Big Pharma is panicking because many people in the US will no longer need to use their insanely overpriced and full of side-effects pain pills… that are in fact slowly trimming years off your life…”


During his interview he also told us about this new discovery - similar to what they use in the military to help soldiers recover faster from pain and injuries. (Which you can try at home too if you’re having any sort of knee problems).

Dr. Baker Spills The Beans About How This Breakthrough, Natural Solution May Quickly Help Give You True, Long-Lasting Relief From Nagging Knee Pain

The secret is that this method actually targets the REAL underlying reason for knee pain (unlike any other treatments you may have tried before).

But to understand how these odd patches work, first we need to know what’s the TRUE cause of knee pain?

Dr. Baker explained:

“The first, most obvious answer that comes to most people’s mind is that the pain is caused by a structural problem in the knee itself - like lack of cartilage, cartilage tears, ligament tears, ruptured ligaments or other forms of 'physical proof’ of pain…

From what we’ve been taught to believe about pain, this makes sense…”

HOWEVER, the research and science behind pain suggest the EXACT opposite.

In summary, across the bulk of clinical studies the data shows:

• Over time many knee cartilage issues have the ability to heal on their own without medical intervention¹

• Pain relief outcomes from common knee surgeries are not significantly different from pain relief outcomes of more conservative, natural approaches or even placebo effects²

"There is very little evidence that common knee surgery is more effective than placebo." - Dr. Baker

So What’s The Root Cause Behind All This Knee Pain?

According to this latest 2021 study³ pain is a result of inflammation:

Inflammatory knee pain (IBP) is a condition of pain localized to the axial spine and sacroiliac joints that is chronic and is differentiated from mechanical knee pain by a set of key diagnostic features. The cause of inflammatory knee pain may also be undifferentiated given the absence or combination of diagnostic features of any of these conditions.”

Inflammatory knee pain is often caused by poor or obstructed blood flow to the area (not some ‘hidden’ physical injury).

That’s why it almost always goes undetected…

And also why most treatments like going to chiropractors, wearing knee braces, stretches, EMS devices, pills, drugs and even surgery often fail to work.

Dr. Oliver continues…

“Your body can’t recover on its own, because the inflammation is preventing proper blood circulation. (The blood flow brings crucial healing nutrients and oxygen)... Allowing your body to repair itself.”

“Harmful inflammation could also lead to a chronic cycle of pain (seemingly without an outside reason)... preventing you from physical activities and living a pain-free life…”

So the question remains - how can you get rid of your knee pain permanently without any drugs or surgery?

After 7 Years Military Scientists Finally Break New Ground With Invention Of A New Herbal Patch To Naturally Help Alleviate Knee Pain Fast

Over a decade ago U.S. Navy assembled a team of military doctors led by Dr. Baker.

Their mission was to come up with a safe solution that could significantly reduce pain from injuries and improve mobility in soldiers.

Today his team of physicians made the breakthrough they were seeking…

They came up with a 100% natural way to help alleviate the pain (and just so happens to be also effective for knee pain too).

What’s The Secret Behind This Breakthrough Natural Remedy?

These weird patches are inspired by an ancient Asian recipe. 

The reason this military-grade formula is so effective lies in the unique blend of 10 herbal ingredients. Each one has been used for centuries in Traditional Asian Medicine due to its powerful pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

(Which ingredients have also been clinically proven and backed up by hundreds of individual, independent scientific studies from trusted and respected institutions like): 

The potent herbs inside penetrate deeply into the skin. Increasing blood flow to the affected area. Bringing vital nutrients and oxygen. Helping in rapidly eliminating the pain-causing inflammation. And supporting your body’s natural self-healing processes to recover faster.

The Results Were Astonishing…

After numerous rounds of testing his patients wore these new pain relief patches and were amazed at the transformations they experienced.

People reported feeling significantly less knee pain, having more energy, better sleep, better mood, easier day-to-day activities, less stressed overall and even feeling younger again.

Some test subjects were quoted saying:

"I had terrible pain with my right knee, arthritis. Couldn't walk some days without screaming in pain. The first day I put the heaven patch on was such a relief. I felt so good I was able to exercise, walk my 10 thousand steps, chores, play with my dog. I put the patch on at 6:30 AM and I'm writing this at 9pm and it's still effective.Thank you so much!!" - Olivia Gardener

"I am 71 years old and serves as a tennis teaching professional. Left knee was replaced 8 years ago and gets stiff when teaching tennis seven days a week, four hours a day. Right knee swells, holds fluid and must be drained and receive "C" shot. I have been using Heaven Patch for two weeks and have experienced reduced stiffness in both knees and swelling in right knee has been reduced by over 50%. I am recommending product to my fellow coaches, players, and parents." - Donald Jones

"I have suffered arthritis in many parts of my body but left knee was V painful bone on bone. I was scheduled for TKR early December but found your wonderful knee patches late Nov and pain almost disappeared in days. I have cancelled surgery which saves much pain, rehab and thousands of dollars. Thank you so much. Now have several friends in my Retirement Village trying for similar ‘miracles’." - Meryl Jones

Why Is Big Pharma FURIOUS With This Amazing New Natural Remedy?

"My father used to suffer from unbearable knee pain... That forced him to quit his job. Nearly 577 million people worldwide have knee pain problems. I want to help people take back control of their lives." - says Dr. Steven Baker.

"That's why I’ve made these incredible patches available to the public for the first time at a 50% discount (for a limited time only)!”

"Let me tell you, offering this breakthrough solution at a special discount has ruffled some feathers in the industry.”

Big pharmaceutical companies that are selling dangerous Drugs, expensive Treatments or risky Surgeries aren’t happy that we’re giving people a drug-free alternative… that’s clinically proven, safe and affordable… saving your health and money.”

“When the word for this product got out, they told me to take it down… But I won't cave in to the big guys threats, NEVER WILL.”

“But hurry, because I don’t know how much longer I'll be able to keep this special offer alive…"

Where Can Ordinary People Like You And Me Buy Buy These Breakthrough “Pain-Free Knee” Patches?

Luckily the government has given the rights to a small manufacturer who currently has only a limited 3 month supply.

NOTE: Due to the extremely high demand for these new Heaven Knee Relief patches, this special 50% offer will expire soon.

Sometimes, just one simple decision could drastically improve your daily life.

Literally, one click could be the difference between letting knee pain control your life or easily being able to get rid of it, and never having to worry about taking harmful pills ever again…

Are You Ready To Find Out If This Can Work For You Too (As It Has Already Helped Over 101,212 Other People Find Freedom From Their Pain)? 

The only thing you have to do is try it and see for yourself.

Luckily the company even offers 365-day 100% money-back guarantee if your pain isn’t completely gone. No questions asked.

Meaning you could buy as many packs as you want. Use all of them. And if you don’t feel significantly better, still get a refund!

You won’t even have to return the empty packs!

So there’s absolutely ZERO risk for you to just try them out and see if they help!

You have nothing to lose (except for your knee pain hopefully)…

Write us and let us know.

Best of luck!

Are you ready to start taking the next step to living free from limiting knee pain and feeling overall better than ever before?

To get your patches at a special 50% OFF discount, to help as many people as possible experience life without knee pain (while supplies still last) click the button below to visit their website:

*TIP: Make sure you get the biggest package possible. Not only you’ll save even more money on the already discounted pricing… But you also don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve run out of patches and you can’t buy them anymore, because the only company selling them ran out of stock. Plus they make a great gift idea for anyone you know who suffers from knee pain.

What Are Others Saying About The Patches?

"I have extremely bad knee pain and can’t keep taking pain meds, other patches are too expensive or no longer work but these work a full 24 hrs and I wish I could cover my whole body! Highly recommend!"

- Lisa O'Neal Cota Bonomo, CHICAGO, IL

"After years in the military my knees were shot. Getting out of bed was a struggle. I decided to try these patches. I could not believe the results in such a short time! The pain soon stopped completely and the swelling subsided noticeably."

- Jerry P., NY

"I purchased the patches and received them yesterday. I used the patch for the first time and they are good. I suffer with chronic pain in my right knee and this most definitely took the edge of it. Down side didn’t buy enough. But if you can afford it go for the larger purchase. I would recommend these patches. I definitely did get some relief and would purchase again."

- Bridgitte Wood Stenson, GA

"I was experiencing terrible knee pain. I put 1 patch on my knee. Within minutes I experienced relief. I now always carry the patches in my purse. They are truly a life saver!"



1 - https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.aax3203

2 -https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12110735/


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