75 Year Old Hiker Discovers Ancient Indian Tree Sap That Relieved Her Chronic Knee Pain In 23 Days

Plus her 15 second morning ritual to relieve bone on bone knee pain

Barbara Thompson is an avid hiker who suffered from bone on bone knees for 17 years. But a few months ago, she discovered a powerful, pain relieving tree sap that relieved her joint pain in a little over 3 weeks.

Read on to hear her story and discover how you too can get joint pain relief with this powerful tree sap...

Ever since her mid 20's Barbara hiked every weekend. But as she got older, her knees slowly started to turn on her...

"I could tell something was wrong, my knee pain just kept getting worse and worse. I never had any bad injuries. And even though I was super healthy, my knees decided to give up on me"

Barbara visited numerous doctors over the years, but they all said the same thing - "It's just a part of aging. The wear and tear from all your hiking has finally caught up to you" 

So Barbara did what millions of Americans do when they have knee pain - take painkillers.

And even though they gave her relief at first, Barbara noticed that she needed more and more to get the same amount of relief. 

Then her doctors recommended cortisone shots. Which were extremely expensive, but even the shots didn't give her any kind of lasting relief. 

Week by week the cartilage in her knees seems to wear away faster and faster. And by time she was 58, Barbara was left with bone on bone knees. 

"I thought I'd never be able to hike again. Sometimes just walking to the bathroom was unbearably painful! But I was going crazy sitting at home all day. So I decided to take matters into my own hands."

In her hiking years, Barbara traveled all over the world. And through her travels she discovered all kinds of natural solutions to everyday health problems.

"I specifically remember hiking in India and taking a video of elephants eating a tree sap to relieve their arthritis pain"

The Powerful Pain Relieving Tree Sap

After Barbara found the video she took, she discovered that the sap came from the Boswellia tree. And after doing some research, she found dozens of studies that showed the pain relieving powers of Boswellia. 

"It made me angry to know that doctors only prescribed me pills or expensive treatments when this cheap, natural solution existed. And it even has the approval from some of the world's BEST doctors and researchers!"

So Barbara ordered Boswellia supplements from Amazon for only $19.99!
But unfortunately they didn't give her any relief like she thought they would. 

Confused, Barbara decided to contact some of the people she'd met from her hike in India. And that's when she learned that there were different types of Boswellia strains. 

The best kind for relieving joint pain is called Boswellia Serrata. But even many products that claim to contain Boswellia Serrata still wouldn't work...

That's because most products look for the cheapest option possible. So they get their "Boswellia" from tree farms here in the US.

But for the sap to contain the most potent pain relieving properties, it needs to grow in it's natural soil and environment.

Where You Can Find The Strongest Boswellia Sap For Pain Relief

Barbara's contact from India then recommended a small startup company based here in the United States called HPLabs. 

HPLabs sources their Boswellia straight from India to ensure the highest, strongest quality. They then combined Boswellia with a handful of other ingredients to create a powerful pain relieving supplement.

Babara has taken their joint pain supplement for over 4 months now, and it's completely changed her life...

"Not too long ago I thought I'd never hike again. Now I'm 75 and back to hiking like I did in my 40's! I couldn't be more grateful."

Barbara's story has touched thousands of seniors. And thanks to her miraculous discovery, those with joint pain now have a safe, natural solution they can believe in.

Take Tonya Givens for example...

"I had pain in all my joints - back, knees, hips, wrists - even my fingers! But after I read Barbara's story I decided to order some for myself. Just a week or two after I noticed less pain and my stiffness went away. And I'm still seeing progress!"

- Tonya

Or Jerod Hansborough...

"When I stumbled upon Barbara's inspiring journey, I decided to give her method a chance, and within just a week or two, I started feeling the difference. My knee pain began to subside, and the stiffness that had plagued me for so long began to ease. My joints feel so much better that I'm back to playing tennis!" 

- Jerod

But not everyone is happy to hear about Barbara's story...

Big drug manufacturers are already doing all they can to stop seniors from hearing about this pain relieving tree sap...

They claim..."it's too powerful and shouldn't be available without a doctor's signature".

Yet DOZENS of America's top doctors stand behind Boswellia and the other ingredients inside the supplement:

Even World Class Doctors Can't Deny The Pain Relieving Powers Of This Product

It's not common to find a natural ingredient with so much clinical proof. This product is so powerful it's been shown to relieve inflammation, stiffness, swelling, AND even restore lost joint cartilage and tissue.

And that's why Big Pharma is furious! 

As drug prices continue to skyrocket, pharmaceutical companies continue to be more greed-fueled than ever. And drug-makers believe this one product could take billions of dollars from their sales. 

But some doctors are putting up a fight to stop their evil intentions...

In fact, a recent report proves how powerful these joint pain capsules actually are.

An independent survey reveals that 87% of users say this is “more effective” than drug company name brands, as you can see below:

But because its star ingredient has mountains of evidence to prove it's pain relieving abilities, it may be hard for Big Pharma to get it banned.

In a recent interview with CEO, Oliver Baker, he was all smiles about the threats and revealed why "Big Pharma" is on a mission to have his new relief elixir outlawed...

"It's taken us more than five years of research, testing and development to finally offer a natural, safe, and proven product like this that alleviates ailments so many Americans suffer from. We are going to fight them tooth-and-nail so we can continue to offer this breakthrough relief supplement to everyone in need."

It's hard to say if Big Pharma will be able to sweep this natural pain reliever under the rug...but one thing is for sure, seniors LOVE it!

In fact, this has been recently featured on USA Today, FOX News, Digital Journal and more than 250 different news channels.

So what is this revolutionary product that's changing lives?


Each Ultra Joint Flex Capsule contains a large dose of Boswellia Serrata Extract (Sap), Turmeric, Quercetin, and Bromelain.

And it comes with new delivery technology that's proven to absorb up to 450% more relief molecules into the cells.

Making these powerful organic capsules relieve agonizing joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, swelling, and other joint pain symptoms.

And thanks to it's unique synergistic formula each ingredient builds on each other to help retrain the bodies defense system to PREVENT joint pain altogether. 

So instead of just fighting inflammation flare ups, Joint Flex prevents inflammation to help give the joint time to heal and repair.

HPLabs, the creators of Joint Flex, - want as many Americans as possible to experience total joint relief and spread the word to friends and family!

So, for a limited time, they're doing a huge Winter Deal Special. 

Real People Are Getting Total Joint Pain Relief With Ultra Joint Flex

Mary-Beth Givens, a 67 year old grandmother from Jackson, Tennessee was one of thousands to send in their review of Ultra Joint Flex...

""I was plagued by aching joints that hurt so bad I couldn't get out of bed. I was in pain constantly. I was bed-ridden and severely depressed. My life was over.

Like most people, I was skeptical at first. So I decided to document the whole process...


Took them this morning, don't feel much of a difference. Still have pain. Will see how it goes...


Okay, something in these is definitely working. It's now day 7 and my knees aren't as achy and I even seem to have more energy!


I got the best sleep in years last night, didn't wake up in pain once. I even walked down my stairs completely pain free! I can get used to this! 


I went on a weekend trip and forgot my pills. My knee pain came back a little. I guess that's proof that these things REALLY make a difference.


Just ordered more bottles to make sure I never run out again. My doctor says there's more cartilage in my joints. I'll never take anything else for joint pain. Everyone with pain needs these!

Why Ultra Joint Flex Works Better Than Anything We've Ever Seen...

Ultra Joint Flex combines safe and proven organic ingredients into one powerful pain reliever with a superior delivery system... for unmatched relief that is 100% guaranteed...

❌ Chronic fiery inflammation trapped in the joints - this happens when the body's defense system attacks the joints. Dropping "bombs" that cause fiery inflammation. These inflammation fires damage the joint. And failing to put these fires out causes your joints to age faster... Your cartilage and tissues dry out and become brittle - making it easy for it to wear down until you're left with bone on bone.

✅ That's why Ultra Joint Flex contain potent doses of Boswellia Extract -- it smothers fiery inflammation and STOPS more joint damage. This relieves your pain, swelling, and stiffness. And preserves your joint cartilage and tissue.

Ultra Joint Flex Adds ”Ingredient Multipliers" for Complete Joint Relief

In addition to being one of the most potent joint pain relief products on the market, with a superior delivery system, HPLabs also add unique ingredients that amplify each other. 

This potent formula retrains the bodies defense system to prevent attacks on the joint. So your joints have time to "breathe" and repair...

❌ Faulty Defense System  - as we age, our bodies defense system often becomes overprotective and can start attacking the joints. When little pieces of cartilage break off the body sometimes mistakes it as harmful and attacks. Leading to what doctors call Fiery Joint Syndrome...

✅ And that's why HPLabs paired Boswellia sap with Turmeric. When these two ingredients are combined they work together to retrain the bodies defense system. Over time, the body learns to stop attacking broken of cartilage, preventing joint pain.

❌ Damaged Joint Cartilage - inflammation is the #1 cause of bone on bone pain. Inflammation is like a fire that dries up cartilage and tissue. Which makes joint pain worse

✅ And that's why Ultra Joint Flex contains Quercetin. This natural compound creates a environment that enhances the repair of cartilage and tissues in the joints. Even those with bone on bone joints can repair cartilage!

Seniors Love Ultra Joint Flex
Here's What Folks Are Saying...

"I am 71 years old and serves as a tennis teaching professional. Left knee was replaced 8 years ago and gets stiff when teaching tennis seven days a week, four hours a day. Right knee swells, holds fluid and must be drained and receive "C" shot. I have been taking Ultra Joint Flex for two weeks and have experienced reduced stiffness in both knees and swelling in right knee has been reduced by over 50%. I am recommending product to my fellow coaches, players, and parents."
 - Donald Jones

"I have suffered arthritis in many parts of my body but left knee was painful bone on bone. I was scheduled for TKR early December but found your wonderful supplement late August and pain almost disappeared in days. I have cancelled surgery which saves much pain, rehab and thousands of dollars. Thank you so much. Now have several friends in my Retirement Village trying for similar ‘miracles’."
- Meryl Jones

Try Ultra Joint Flex For 90 Days RISK FREE!!

Over 93% of seniors say they LOVE the relief they get from Ultra Joint Flex

 That's why it's now being sold with a guarantee that goes way beyond the industry standard.

“We can only make this guarantee because we are 100% certain our customers will be satisfied. We want to take full risk off consumers. So in addition to offering big discounts + free shipping with select orders, we also make them a huge promise that ensures they don't have to risk a cent.”

Here's how it works:

Take Ultra Joint Flex as directed and you will be thrilled with your results!

If you're not happy for any reason or no reason at all, simply return the empty bottles within 90 days. Then, HPLabs will refund your money for having tried the product.

Not Yet Sold In Stores

Ultra Joint Flex is formulated with the most potent forms of every ingredient. Each one is ethically sourced from their native lands to ensure the highest effectiveness.

Now, for the first time it's now available nationwide.

However, several major pharmaceutical companies are currently testing the active ingredients in clinical settings, which means, it may require a prescription in the near future.

It's advised to order Ultra Joint Flex today directly from the company while you still can.

The ONLY Place To Find Ultra Joint Flex

HPLabs is on a mission to help as many seniors as possible and spread the word about Ultra Joint Flex. That's why they are offering the biggest discount of the year on qualifying orders while supplies last.

A secure website has been set up for readers to place orders. This gives everyone an equal chance to try Ultra Joint Flex.

Starting at 12 a.m. on Tuesday, November, 28 the exclusive offer will be available for 48 hours or until stock runs out.

All you have to do is go here.

Your discount will be automatically applied if you qualify. Then enter your details and your Ultra Joint Flex will ship in 1-2 days.

Important: Due to HPLabs growing popularity, recent media exposure, and extraordinary offer, this may already be sold out. If so, please leave your details so you can be notified when Ultra Joint Flex is back in-stock.

*TIP: Make sure you get the biggest bundle possible. Not only you’ll save even more money on the already discounted pricing… But you also don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve run out of bottles and you can’t buy more, because of out of stock or worse. Big Pharma will do all they can to stop this from getting in the hands of seniors in pain. Plus they make a great gift idea for anyone you know who suffers from knee pain.

To your health,

Laura Turner

Associated Health Press

P.S. The natural pain relief miracle you’re about to discover has been used for THOUSANDS of years. But Greedy drug companies are trying to make sure you can't get your hands on it. They don’t want you to have a safe and proven natural remedy that fights the symptoms of arthritis, joint aches, inflammation, and dozens of age-related ailments safely and without a prescription. This could be your one and only chance to try it yourself before Big Pharma gets it banned again. Try Ultra Joint Flex RISK-FREE...

"I've never had a product give me relief like this one. It's powerful and affordable. No complaints here!"

Linda J. 
Murray, KY

"My knee pain has gone from a 10 to a 4 in just a few weeks. My swelling and stiffness are gone too"

Duffie L. 
Alpharetta, GA

"Nothing better on God's green Earth for joint pain. I used it for my back pain and it's a miracle."

Tina A. 
Forth Worth, TX

Check to see if the winter sale is still available!


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