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Auxilium Probiotics - 40 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) - Digestive & Gut Health - Supports Occasional Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas & Bloating - 60ct.

About this item

  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH.  Auxilium's pro-biotic supports digestive and gut health. A great choice for those looking to support a diverse healthy microbiome w/ 40B CFU - Probiotics for Women & Men alike.
  • INTESTINAL SUPPORT.  Auxilium propriotics contains 10 diverse high-quality probiotic strains working together to support your gut health. Expertly crafted to support occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas & bloating.
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION.  People with inflammatory arthritis also have been shown to have inflammation of the intestinal tract, which results in increased intestinal permeability,  This enables certain bacteria to cross the intestinal barrier, get into the bloodstream and trigger an inflammatory response. Probiotics help decrease the inflammation associated with increased intestinal permeability,
  • MAXIMIUM COLINIZATION.   From start to finish - this probiotic is designed to survive the gut & maximize the colonization of our strains. We use a shelf-stable bottle, acid-resistant capsules, and 60 Billion Colony forming units (CFU) to achieve it. 
  • SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT.   Auxilium's probiotics are created based on scientific research with an propiertary blend of ingredients. We partenr with a network of experts to help review the products and research. 
  •  PRODUCTION: Our products are created and manufactured in the United States at an FDA approved and registered facility.

Key Ingredients

  • Proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria.  40B CFU (colony forming units)
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)
  • Bifidobacterium lactis (Bi-04)
  • Labtobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)
  • Labtobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37)
  • Marine polysaccanride complex 
  • Fructooligosaccharide
  • Celluslose, rice maltodextrin (capsule)

Recommended Usage

  • Two (2) capsules daily

Supporting Research

Mayo Clinic

Arthritis Foundation